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We have a chat with Longman [Texture]


What is texture?

‘The feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or substance.’

Loz Waring, better known as Longman among York’s clubbers, is the self-titled “Captain of the Texture ship”. From funky Saturday grooves at Sotano to truly massive events as Texture’s recent collab with Closed Circuit bringing the likes of Hunee, Loz has been busy pushing York’s house scene for the past two years. We managed to pick his brain about the past, present and future of both Longman and Texture.

Texture in action.

Mantas: Hi Loz, let’s get down to it – what are you up to these days?

Loz: Just working for myself. I like to spend my time spread out between music, events, gardening, dog walking & some designing. Just generally try to create a nice balance of all my interests & business ideas that all help pave the way/pay the bills.

Mantas: Could you tell us more about your inspirations? Who do you follow and what makes “the cut” in your sets / production?

Loz: Inspired by people that think outside the box, using new spaces for parties, people that think about the layout & flow of a venue, how the decor can help create a mood, the mix of people, all the things that can combine to create a really good party.

Soundcloud is a great tool, being able to connect with people across the globe with a similar taste in music is really exciting. I follow a lot of upcoming guys & girls that support each other, play each others music out & in sets and its nice to see. Everyone coming up together…

As for sets, my taste is always developing, but hypnotic grooves really do it for me. When an endless loop can lock you in for 8 mins you know its pretty special.

Mantas: How / why did you start producing?

Loz: Thanks to Fruity Loops (software) and the energy & rawness of grime music at the time, which had me hooked from the age of about 14 (2006), probably started making loops a year after that. First grime tune I was introduced to was:

Alongside this (thanks to my parents) I was in an african hand drumming group. From there I got into more instrumental based music, Idea3 was born and that was the outlet for some of the deeper listening stuff.

Euphoria –

Plus a love for a lot of the 140 stuff.

Silkie –

Mantas: How did Texture start? What are your plans for Spring / Summer?

Loz: It started when I was living in Huddersfield. It was first and foremost just an excuse to get friends together and a chance for us dj’s to play out. I would come over to York on weekends to play at Sotano, and me & Sam (the manager at the time) would share ideas. So we brought Texture over to York a few months later and it went down a treat!

Tex –

Summer plans are loose at the moment, but outdoor spaces are being looked into.

Mantas: What are you up to next?

Loz: Just wanna focus a bit more on production, do bit of travelling and eventually set up shop in a new city.

Mantas: And finally – what is the funniest / most absurd thing you have seen in a gig you either attended or played at (or both!)?

Loz: Not absurd, but it did give us a good giggle… one of the Textures at Sotano we were joined by a random middle-aged man in a suit who got himself stuck in on the dance floor, I think he was doing some kind of squat dance, he made a few friends anyway.

Mantas: Thanks Loz!

You can follow Texture on Facebook they have also just launched a blog!

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