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Gottwood Festival 2016 here we come!


Riding the end of the festival season like a wave that’s quickly dissipating, we haven’t got much ahead of us but months of free-floating through work and winter.  We will eventually get to the distant shores of the summer to come, in the meantime we drift through the months dealing with the flotsam of daily tasks.  Don’t despair, we’ve caught site of something on that promising shore: Gottwood Festival have announced the release of limited super early bird tickets.

What was definitely the Animaux crew’s best festival of 2015 have plotted a course for their return on the 9th of June 2016.  Although no line-up has been hinted at as of yet the Gottwood crew has instead detailed the expansion of their close-knit family of promoters. These include the Bristol based label Banoffee Pies and London’s highly regarded party organisers: Secretsundaze.

Find a full list of promoters below.

For those who didn’t attend this year, you missed out on some of the best names in electronic music: Panorama bar regulars Hunee and Margaret Dygas, the must see Ben UFO, everyone’s favourite Motor City Drum Ensemble and the list goes on and on (no really).  All of this showcased on a beautiful estate with dozens of intimate chill-spaces and clusters of art dotted around, a place where you can’t help but make new friends and have a great time.

With more people getting involved this year we, here at Animaux, can only assume the next instalment will showcase even bigger acts while, of course, maintaining the Gottwood promise of keeping it small and personal.

While I was writing this article the early birds sold out.  That’s how good this festival is, and yes it’s absolutely worth paying the full price.

We also wrote an article on Why you should go to Gottwood Festival which I think captures the spirit of the woods well.

We’ll see you there!




Roughion – Luna Baile Review


Roughion have released their 3rd EP Luna Baile. 3rd already? Where does the time go. Based in the scenic Welsh town of Aberystwyth, Roughion have shown they’re really coming into their own with Luna Baile. The overall impression is that they have built more confidence and are now producing more interesting, intricate songs that show these guys are getting a better understanding of their abilities.

The EP comes in strong with Cymdeithas, a hard, pumped up song that demonstrates that Roughion know how to get a party started. This is followed by one of two remixes on the EP – BlumenKind – Shorts Weather (Roughion Remix). We go from hard-hitting beats to a melodic, swinging abyss that pulls us deep in, then slowly builds back up, bringing us back in the room. Control follows with its lullaby intro then smooth R&B vocals demonstrating that Roughion can do energetic and soulful equally well. But Luna Baile is the real gem of the EP. It’s elaborate yet catchy, and makes me smile. It’s a vibrant and wonderful song that is one of the best that Roughion have ever produced. This song turned me into a Roughion fangurl. The EP ends on another remix – Delyth Mclean – Lost In Sound (Roughion Remix), which unfortunately falls a bit flat after the heights of the previous 4 songs but is nonetheless alright.

Roughion are too interested in music for their own good; they want to prove they can do it all, and as a result Luna Baile feels a bit hodge-podge with the wide demonstration of what they are capable of. But, I don’t really mind, because if you can’t do that in an EP when can you! With solid tracks that I enjoy listening to Luna Baile shows that Roughion are hitting their stride and I look forward to seeing what they do next.

Check Roughion out in the flesh on the 13th March at Funk’d in Aberystwyth Boat Club bar. Our resident DJ, Endeser will also be playing making the night doubly special.

Gottwood Festival Preview


Taking place in a now infamous Welsh forest locationGottwood boasts a mystical fairytale-like setting. Entering its sixth year, the Gottwood team are excited to be bringing the most established and forward thinking line-up to date to their wholly independent, electronic music based festival.

I haven’t had the pleasure of attending Gottwood yet, however a friend – Alex Hughes, had this to say:

Great music, great crowd. They put the effort in making the site look amazing with the added bonus of it being in the woods. They’re keeping the capacity at 5000 now which was worked really well last year, didn’t feel too busy. Just a proper good small festival in the woods.”.

This is what attracts me to Gottwood. With the ever-expanding festivals, hour-long queues to bars / loos, it seems they are starting to forget why people decide to go and live in mud for days – the music. And oh do Gottwood crew deliver on that:

Honestly haven’t been this excited for a small festival in years. See you in a forest somewhere in Wales in June!

Full Line Up 2015: 

Adam Shelton / Andrew Ashong (Live + Dj) / Artwork / Brawther / Craig Richards b2b Ben UFO / dBridge FaltyDL / Frank & Tony / Hunee / Leon Vynehall / Marcellus Pittman Margaret Dygas / Maxxi Soundsystem / Midland / Motor City Drum Ensemble / Mouse Outfit (Live) / Move D / Om Unit  / PBR Streetgang / Point G (Live) / Radioactive Man / Ralph Lawson / Subb-an  / Tornado Wallace / Zenker Brothers / Zip

2 Bad Mice / Al Dobson Jr / Alex Arnout / Alex Jones / Bad Passion / BEHR (Live) / Bell Towers  Blackhall & Bookless / Bradley Zero / Brinsley / Casino Times / Cassio Kohl / Cedric Maison / Chimpo  Cottam / Denney / Dom Chung / eLDOKO / Francis Inferno Orchestra / Futureboogie DJ’s  / General Roots (Live) / Hesseltime / Ishmael / Josh Tweak / Lee Coombs / Luv*Jam / Michael James Morris Cowan (Live) / Nils Diezel / Prequel / Real Nice / Red Eye Hi-Fi (Live) / Romare / Ruf Dug  / Sean Brosnan / Sisterhood / Soul Jazz Soundsystem / Sounds Of The Universe DJ’s  / Steevio (Live Modular) / Tenderlonious / Tristan Da Cunha / Wolf Music / Zoo Look

Alec Function / Assheton / B&W / Bobby Pleasure / Brothers Of Jah / Chad / Charles Jordan / Charlie McFarley / Cherrie Flava / Ciaran Hansen / Congo Tuff / Croz / Dan Jordan / Daniel Orestes / Dave Beer Ed Mackie / Ed Steele / Ed Sweet / Edward Antonio / Em Williams / Endaf / Everything Is Everything / Farrer / Fox / Gold Wing / Good Block Dj’s / Hamish Cole / Herukajon / Hijinkx / Hizatron / Hugh Bailey Hunter Giles / In A Lonely Place / Indra / Itchy Rich / Jigsaw / Jonny Dub / Jonny Sleight / Jonny Tawn  / Jordan Plange / Kaim Shah / Kostas G / Kris Davis / Krywald / Lauren Lo Sung / Lorcan Mak  / Low End Grooves / Maff C / Master & Commander / Metrodome / Metske / Mr Paul / Nanny Banton  / Nick Wood OJsmooth / Optimus / Phase 2 / Rankin / Reme / Rich Reason / Rob Amboule / Sharkbait Silas & Snare Surgeon / Sison / SoulJam Dj’s / Spam Chop / Sparkz / Studio 89 DJ’s  / T-Man / Talk & Smoke / Toby Nicholas / Tom Saunders / Truthos Mufasa / Will Brockbank

Tickets can be bought HERE, more info on their website: