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Shit Robot – We Got A Love


Shit Robot may have just converted me to disco. The Irishman who spent time both across the pond in New York and slightly closer to home in Germany is back with his second album We Got A Love. In a time when many argue music is becoming oversaturated will his latest work be able to make a splash? I bloody hope so.

I popped on Shit Robot’s (a.k.a. Marcus Lambkin) album with low expectations but an aim to be civil. Instead what came through the speakers is a solid and truly enjoyable album that I had to turn the volume up to. It may not be innovative, but that is exactly why these songs are so robust. Lambkin knows exactly what he is doing, and with no new concepts tentatively experimented with the result is an album full of bangers. Classic disco and house vibes mean We Got A Love is going to get you moving. Appropriate listening equipment includes good speakers and plenty of room to dance. As a result it’s not suitable for all occasions. But did Shit Robot make this album for all occasions? Hell no. This album is inspired by and made for those dark sweaty clubs where the girls ditched heels for sneakers and twerking for two-stepping. Though I wouldn’t let that stop you playing it whenever you get the chance.

The highlights of the album for me have got to be the closing song Tempest, with its raw power and lively drums demanding your attention and the second single off the album Do That Dance where the ever cool Nancy Whang tells us to “get down with the right attitude”. With little prompting I followed Whang’s request and thus, once a disco hater, I am now a lover.

I know as summer rolls in I am about to hear a lot more of Shit Robot on the clubbing scene, and I can’t wait.