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Preview: Farr Festival 2016


On the 14th July, Farr Festival makes a greatly anticipated return to Bygrave Woods in Hertfordshire. The festival has always prided itself on being located just 40 minutes from London, and its handy location has proved popular with the fans it has amassed over its 7 years in the running. Although by no means a landmark UK festival, Farr has popped up on the radar of electronic music fans from across the country and really made a name for itself. The line-up for 2016 is stellar and makes Farr an unmissable festival this summer.

The likes of John Talabot, Palms Trax and Jungle all appear in the woods this July. Palms Trax’s recent appearance in York was one of the best bookings of the year for this historic city and so seeing the German producer play again at Farr would be an experience not to be wasted. Hunee also appears at Farr after his brief but memorable stint in Fibbers this year. Festival organisers have cannily booked pop outfit Jungle to give a light touch to the otherwise more underground scene of Farr’s line up.


Addison Groove Presents James Grieve


Addison Groove is back with his second album – “Presents James Grieve”. His newest venture goes back to his Bristolian roots as opposed to the Chicago vibes in “Transistor Rhythm“. Is it any good though?

The cover and the name of the album allude to a strain of an apple tree which Addison Groove grew while producing the album. It’s been two years since the footwork monstrosity that “Transistor Rhythm” was released, which I still rinse every day. I don’t think anyone was surprised by the slight change in the style, especially if you have been following Addison throughout the years since. The whole album sounds a lot more settled, more mature as it is not trying to break ground with, at the time, rarely heard footwork. Do not get me wrong, there’s bass and hats a-plenty, however the actual production value has increased by a mile.

The album is a perfect meld of heavier acid-y tracks like “Space Apples” and “Bad Seed“, proper old-school sounding Addison Groove like “Rzor” or “Warped” and something quite fresh – such as “Just You“, which features Appleblim’s girlfriend doing the vocals, obviously edited to death and jungle inspired “Ain’t It Love“. Mix this all up with more mellow footwork of “One Fall” and “167 Blast” and you have one of the biggest releases of 2014 so far.

It seems the “second album disease” did not affect Addison Groove at all, which is rare these days. Highly recommended to everyone even remotely interested in bass music or electronic music in general as it blends styles and genres so well.

Favorite tunes: Rzor and One Fall.

You can get Addison Groove “Presents James Grieve” on iTunes and Juno as MP3s and 50 Weapons if you want physical goodness.