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Preview: Farr Festival 2016


On the 14th July, Farr Festival makes a greatly anticipated return to Bygrave Woods in Hertfordshire. The festival has always prided itself on being located just 40 minutes from London, and its handy location has proved popular with the fans it has amassed over its 7 years in the running. Although by no means a landmark UK festival, Farr has popped up on the radar of electronic music fans from across the country and really made a name for itself. The line-up for 2016 is stellar and makes Farr an unmissable festival this summer.

The likes of John Talabot, Palms Trax and Jungle all appear in the woods this July. Palms Trax’s recent appearance in York was one of the best bookings of the year for this historic city and so seeing the German producer play again at Farr would be an experience not to be wasted. Hunee also appears at Farr after his brief but memorable stint in Fibbers this year. Festival organisers have cannily booked pop outfit Jungle to give a light touch to the otherwise more underground scene of Farr’s line up.


MOTIF Launch Party Review (Edinburgh)


A launch party is always going to be an exciting night out. No matter how many times you read the poster no one really knows what the personality of the event is going to be. This excitement was heightened for me as it was the first house night I’ve gone to in Edinburgh. After getting to the venue at half 11 my initial impression was of concern – the staff seemed to be unaware that buying tickets off of Skiddle was a thing. Luckily after some stomping of feet, refusing to pay for another ticket and showing my reference number I got in to a surprisingly large crowd, with a good sound system and some top music. I would have shown up earlier if I thought it was going to be like this.

As the night continued it became clear that the residents knew what they were doing with a refreshing myriad of beats that didn’t just sound like it was nicked from a (currently fictitious) Ministry of Sound: Summer House Tunes album. This mixed with getting the German Kevin Over in with his expertise in deep/tech house was great for both music’s sake and attracting people in to give Motif a well-deserved initial push. However, it was clear that Motif is still finding its feet. While there was a high turnout, with a good range of people, there was, sadly, a lot more chatting than dancing. Nevertheless at a launch this is to be expected. When you don’t know what a night is going to be like you tend to go for the company of your friends rather than for the music. I don’t think that chatting is going to be a problem for long though. Motif have demonstrated that they know how to get the people who are there to dance moving and as word spreads I’m sure that is set to increase.

It’s evident that creator and resident, Luke Barnes, knows the importance of a good boogie. With fears that he sometimes feels like a robot dancing to tech house Luke and the team decided to go for something more personal and a bit different. The intimate, welcoming feeling of Motif certainly made it unlike a lot of stale run of the mill nights. I look forward to seeing what the guys have in store for next time.

You can check MOTIF out over here.