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Mr. O’Donnell at Sub:terranea


As I walked into Mansion, and ventured down those very narrow stairs, I could feel the bass creeping up on me. I opened the door, and BAM – the bass hit me. There was Mr. O’Donnell, already on the decks from before midnight, swaying about. It was my last night out in York before I left for home, so I had knocked back (unintentionally?) quite a few drinks… But there were some truly unforgettable moments, even to me in my relatively intoxicated state!

Disclaimer: I shall also be referring to Bobby O’Donnell as Mr. O’Donnell, because he was just THAT good, and also because it just sounds way cooler – he deserves it for being the suave cat that he is.

By half-past midnight, he had stopped twiddling with his hair (which by the way, is lovely to look at) and began bombarding us with smothering bass-lines. Now these smothering bass-lines did not come in the form of the generic house beat that most people are familiar with. The beats extended to tribal-like sounds encouraging the crowd to dance like they were all part of a cult or tribe in a jungle; and yes, that does include myself also. The etheric synths accompanying the beats were just the cherry on top of the cake as everyone swayed together, and some even held hands. Of course then people started hugging, and although I could suggest that some may have been otherwise inebriated or intoxicated, I think I’ll stick to my own opinion and say that Mr. O’Donnell evoked all those feelings with his music.

It is now quarter-past one and Mr. O’Donnell isn’t finished with us yet. By that point, I was certain viagra en france that I was dancing (and sweating) like a maniac, not because I had a couple of drinks, but because he was just incredibly good at leading a crowd. Mr. O’Donnell had overtaken the power of our feet and bodies and made them move in the most sultry and seductive ways. Then, I heard something I recognised… something I loved… Something I never ever thought I’d hear in the UK. Oh yes, he was indeed sampling, on the spot, one of the sexiest songs that ever existed – Universe by Aquarius Heaven. In that moment, I turned into the ‘overly excited girlfriend’ and began prancing around the DJ box trying to grab his attention. I screamed at him ‘OH MY GOD AQUARIUS HEAVEN, OH MY GOD!’ and to my surprise AND pleasure, was greeted with a euphoric smile on his face and a very sturdy high-five/handshake!

Mr. O’Donnell was, in fact, one of the friendliest DJs I had ever met; as oppose to some very arrogant and pompous assholes I had met in the past that would simply ignore the fact that you were praising their music selection. I even ran into him on the way out of Mansion and was greeted by a long and warm embrace/hug!

For the last half hour of his set, he blasted us with even more hard-hitting bass, and turned us on our heads by bursting acid bass-lines. Hands were in the air, people were jumping around, but damn, where was the crowd? I suddenly came to the sad realization that throughout the entire night there must have only been 80 people around. My housemate, who rarely dances when he is sober (and he was dancing at this moment despite his sober state), turns round and tells me ‘They are really good, but there’s no crowd and it’s a shame’. Indeed, it was a shame. I hadn’t heard music like that in York for, at least, a good month. It appears that the over-saturation of the electronic music scene in York had finally taken its toll. Either that, or most people into this kind of ‘underground’ scene, had already gone home. Nevertheless, despite my awareness of the ‘lack’ of crowd, the people who were there had a fantastic time, and by that point I felt privileged to have even been there.

To end the night, Phil Warner came on, toning it down a notch to a more melodic experience – an apt end to the night after most of us had spent the last 3 hours jumping about. The crowd resulted to moving like waves and everyone began making their way home, chipper like they had all just had the best roast dinner of their lives. It was my first Sub:terranea, and after an experience like that, it certainly won’t be my last.

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